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What do our parents say?

    Good evening,

Let me begin by stating how impressed I was of you tonight!! Cayden came home and wanted to show her grandmother everything she learned from you. Then, she confidently went through your instructions and proudly informed all of us that she knew her place values. The confidence she displayed was awe-inspiring from ONE tutoring session. (Especially from this little girl who would cower her head and speak softly when asked a school related question.) I -always- knew teachers were the greatest force known to humanity and I witnessed an immediate transformation in Cayden’s confidence. 


Our wish and goal is to have Cayden be on track with her peers and to start loving being at school. She told us she wants to be a teacher like you. I feel you will be the steady guide in this vocation if she choose this path. When she gets older, she will not always remember her lessons you taught her. She will remember how you made her feel. This little girl felt empowered by you.


We -all- feel that you are the perfect tutor for her. I know she is in great hands with you. I cannot wait to see the great strides in tutoring you will undertake with her. 


From the bottom of your hearts, thank you!!          M. Johnson